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Strategy · Saint Louis, Missouri
Department Strategy
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Entry-level

Conversion writers at Gorilla 76 are responsible for ideating and executing on copy (in the form of ads and landing pages) that persuades and drives action.  

Key accountabilities will include: 

  • Writing ad/landing page copy that persuades and drives action
  • Conversion rate optimization and user experience expertise
  • Light independent subject matter research
  • Occasional client meeting / workshop leadership
  • Some editing and QA/QC
  • Continuous improvement / ongoing education

Before applying, please review the following:


Who we are 

Who we help and how  

How our process works

Working at Gorilla 76

Code of Ethics


As part of the Content Department, you’ll be assigned clients while also supporting the initiatives of the department and the agency as a whole. You will report to the Content Director.


Your role

You will be responsible for writing copy that changes minds. 

Sometimes, that means persuading someone to request a consultation. Other times, it’s capturing and holding their attention long enough to teach them about a core industry concept. 

At all times, your copy will be measured against tangible results: did the ad or landing page achieve the goal it needed to? 

The team will rely on you to apply CRO best practices to everything you write. Your copy doesn’t need to “sound good” — it needs to work. After all, “good ads sell stuff.” Success is measured in outcomes: in-platform campaign performance, high-intent conversions, pipeline generated.

You’ll work closely with our Performance Marketer to monitor the performance of your copy — and incorporate those learnings into future projects. Over time, phrases like this should be common: “This type of messaging has historically performed best for [client X]; with that in mind, here’s how I think we should approach this project …”

You should always have a very clear “why” behind every word you write. 

You’ll mainly write ads and landing pages to support paid campaigns (Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook), but may occasionally be looped in to help with video scripts, product page copy and other miscellaneous copy needs. 

Your days will mostly consist of drafting, editing and publishing high-quality copy that converts while remaining in constant communication (via project management software, instant messenger or email) with project teams in service of the same.

You’ll attend internal meetings as needed as projects or campaigns progress.

In time, you’ll occasionally lead client-facing meetings and workshops where conversion copywriting is concerned.

Your written work

While each written product we offer our clients is unique, they generally proceed in this way:

  • You receive (and sometimes help generate) the strategic brief stating the rationale and goals of a project
  • You access available subject matter research notes on the given topic, if needed
  • You draft the creative, working closely with the designer as needed
  • Your first draft is submitted for an internal review conducted by the Strategist and Client Success Executive
  • You revise the draft according to internal feedback
  • The revised draft is submitted for client review
  • You revise the draft according to client feedback
  • Once approved, the ad or landing page is published — and in some cases, publishing is your responsibility
  • You monitor performance of campaigns closely, using what you learn to inform how you approach future projects

You’ll have access to training on processes, templates and past examples. And the Content Director’s door is always open if you have any questions or feel you need more guidance.

Your workday

No day is the same. No day is average.

Some days you’ll spend hours in a row drafting and editing. Some days you’ll bounce from small assignment to small assignment. Some days you’ll have lots of meetings. Some days you’ll be asked to drop it all to tackle a quick-turn project no one predicted was coming. It’s the nature of the work.

As such, organizing and prioritizing work to meet multiple deadlines is the name of the game. That means you need to keep your teammates in the loop all the time. Our work is collaborative and interdependent. You depend on the team and the team depends on you.

You’ll typically work eight-hour days. Sometimes it’s longer — but we won’t let it get out of hand. Sometimes it’s shorter.


Some travel is possible.

The Content Department

Writers, a content specialist, a videographer and the content director make up this dynamic team.

We come from many different places and professional backgrounds, but each has this in common: an exceptional skill for seeking information, understanding it and then presenting it so that others can, too. And we’ll always do it ethically. We care so much about that, we made a code of ethics. Read it here.

It’s a group of grammar nerds, technical geeks and bookworms who care about each other and about doing great work.

Putting the role into perspective

A main service offering is the Phase One Implementation, a months-long engagement during which our team designs, builds and tweaks a marketing program that drives meaningful business outcomes for our clients. You will lead any conversion copywriting.

Later stages of the Phase One Implementation include distributing content to targeted audiences and tweaking initiatives as results come in — an effort mainly owned by strategists (but with your support as needed).

We also provide retainer work for legacy clients, constituting an ongoing and indefinite cycle of strategizing and implementing marketing initiatives.


Within three months you’ll...

  • Have finished all onboarding and training
  • Know how to use all our tools
  • Have met with all department heads
  • Be responsible for writing for at least six clients
  • Attend monthly State of Gorilla meetings
  • Understand Gorilla’s work products and workflow
  • Set goals — professional and personal — for the rest of your year
  • Have started to drive tangible business results for clients through your writing

Within six months you’ll…

  • Own a full load of writing — meaning you may be the sole conversion writer across all our clients and campaigns
  • Be familiar with other team members’ roles, and how their roles relate to yours
  • Become a meaningful participant in developing clients’ strategies
  • Have a good working knowledge of your clients and their businesses
  • Be an instrumental contributor to internal initiatives (at the department and company level)
  • Feel comfortable in owning your role and work
  • Be able to clearly show the impact your writing has had on clients’ business results


Within one year you’ll…

  • Be an expert in your role

The person

  • Has experience with conversion copywriting in a business setting — and has the portfolio to prove it
  • Is articulate in their speech as well as their writing, with an exceptional command of the language
  • Has a keen interest in psychology and behavioral economics — and is able to apply these principles to increase the persuasiveness of their work
  • Deeply understands CRO and UX best practices
  • Is committed to delivering a quality work product — but is NOT a perfectionist
  • Is a self-starter with the ability to keep track of multiple projects at once
  • Takes deadlines seriously
  • Fosters an innate curiosity about the world and how it works
  • Is a critical thinker and problem solver
  • Knows when to ask for help or more information, and isn’t afraid to do it


The team

While small and tightknit, we’re a team, not a family. This helps us hold one another accountable. If you’re wondering who we are, look to our manifesto and five core values. Check out our Instagram. And see what people say about us on Glassdoor

You’ll use the following tools to get work done

  • ClickUp
  • Slack
  • Google suite (gmail, calendar, docs, sheets, etc.)
  • Zoom
  • Loom
  • Microsoft Word
  • Dropbox
  • HubSpot
  • WordPress
  • MacOS


By applying for this position, you are certifying that the information provided on this application form and any other documents provided to Gorilla 76 are complete and accurate. If asked to provide work samples, you are certifying that samples provided were created by you. Withholding information or providing false information will result in a refusal to hire or termination of your employment. This application is valid for 90 days, and you must reapply for consideration beyond 90 days.

Equal Employment Opportunity has been, and will continue to be, a fundamental principle and policy at Gorilla 76, where employment is based upon your capabilities and qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, citizenship status, marital status or any other legally protected characteristic. This policy of Equal Employment Opportunity applies to all policies and procedures relating to recruitment and hiring, compensation, benefits, termination, and all other terms and conditions of employment.

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